An intense work, approved by Marche Region at the end of 2018, aiming to create a common place to develop a new organizing system among different production chains . The main fields of interest are manufacturing, wine and food, relating to creativity.

The name of the project is “Unicamontagna” and it represents the hub for multi-chain-competitiveness among innovation, tradition and culture. Partners in this project are: University of Camerino, Imagina, Maylea srl, Officine Mattòli Produzioni Soc. Coop, Arci Macerata, Cantine Belisario, Nobody s.r.l. and Ruvido Teatro. “Unicamontagna” is funded by Por Marche Fesr 2014-2020 – axis 3 – OS8 – action 8.1.
The effects of the earthquake of 2016 worsened the long-lasting crisis affecting the inlands, a boost to trigger an economy relaunch of the area is crucial. Here comes Unicamontagna aiming to help a creative-driven development of art&business integrated services for local companies.

The headquarter of the project is in an unused industrial estate (4000 sm) in Borgo Lanciano. The estate has been redesigned in spaces thought to host new businessmen/activities/services with a high level of creativity, culture and innovation. During the 18 month of this project, partners will have to create the conditions for economic sustainability in order to increase employment level (compared to the one preceding the earthquake), developing innovative solutions referring to products, services and processes.

3 strategic assets

There are 3 strategic assets for the definition of a new development: inclusive and sustainable.

  • New model of participatory governance. Building up an integrated approach between cultural heritage and new models of participatory governance is one the pillars of EU2020 cultural and creative strategy.
  • Social reconstruction. The identity of the area and of its population needs to be recovered. This could be also done through a platform of social cohesion.
  • Economic reconstruction. The project aims to create new economic drivers from a cultural and creative point of view.

Cross fertilization to improve companies’ competitiveness

Seven companies and a University cooperating to assist 1080 firms operating in this area and to give them inovvative services

Together we can be more competitive. This is the reason why seven companies and the University of Camerino team-up to provide new services, through cross-fertilization: sharing technologies and routines from different fields and experiences to achieve a creative outcome able to trigger a cascading development.

Unicamontagna work group grants to local companies an ongoing tutoring in a wide range of services: temporary management and assistance, creative vouchers, crowfunding and crowdsourcing, e-procurement, videomaking, business theatre, short and art&business, a web-platform, the Com#Unica kit and the industrial liaison office.

  • Temporary manager, assistants and creative vouchers: the area’s companies will be supported by the Unicamontagna partners, to examine the prospects of cross-fertilization with other local companies or with cultural driven industries. They will be given creative vouchers valid for different creative services. Those companies needing a deeper assistance will be bestowed with a temporary manager, to grant long term assistance.
  • Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, e-procurement: a number of services useful for all the local companies. They can be used as marketplace and can lead the companies to automate processes using applications able to improve proficiency and profitability.
  • Short business films and videomaking: the creation of a cinematographic-based format (a web serial) to start a brand-new storytelling of the area companies, the traditional values and Unicamontagna project. The project aims to set a focus on the characteristics of the area (such as resilience) in a “western” mood.
  • Business theatre, shorts, art&business: it is the “story showing” of products, companies, traditional values, in other words the life of the area, focusing on the excellences and moving from the deepest emotions.
  • The Web platform (web site) will spread all over the world the project’s outputs and the activities realized in the Hub. With the web site it will be possible to create a network to share knowledge and to deal partnerships, to create a new marketplace for local companies and to give value to the productions of the area. The companies could also use the web site to search for creative professionals, innovative products to use. Public authorities could use it as a mean to promote innovation, occupation and to promote the area.
  • The Industrial liaison office, aims to create an effective cooperation between the university and the local companies. There will be a constant control on the research and development activities of the university to inform the economic operators, supporting the creation of spin-offs, the patenting of inventions and the enhancement and protection of intellectual property.

Purpose: to link business projects to the development and to the regeneration of the area

UnicaMontagna is a business project aiming to give a hub to the area, in order to provide advanced services to the local companies, to the social and cultural community of the internal area.

The architect Vittorio Salmoni (Archisal Studio), expert in regional planning, complex programmes and urban transformation, conceived the concept of the project. “this experience started from the results of “Distretto Culturale Evoluto” of Marche Region called A.M.A.M.I. In that experience the University of Camerino was the leading partner, aiming to increase the appeal of the area from a touristic point of view.

The essence, both of A.M.A.M.I. and UnicaMontagna, is to link the business projects to the regeneration of the area, especially after the earthquake of 2016. This development should be a cultural driving force able to promote the landscape and local identities.

The DCE was led by public authorities, UnicaMontagna is led by private companies.

There are differences even in the way the project is realized. UnicaMontagna has a physical place, in an industrial area, a peculiar location between the Potenza river valley and the Sibillini Mountains.

This unused industrial estate has been recovered by a private company (Maylea) and a municipality (Castelraimondo). Unicamontagna aims to support the commercial network, the producers and the associations working together to revamp the area.